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New Books

  • Frosbite


    Wellington David

    2010, Rizzoli

  • Il risveglio

    Il risveglio

    Ward J. R.

    2010, Rizzoli

  • Sangue misto

    Sangue misto

    Smith Roger

    2010, Einaudi

  • Si fa con tutto

    Si fa con tutto

The ‘Sistema Bibliotecario dei Monti Prenestini’ is a joint system of libraries run by Comunità Montana Castelli Romani-Prenestini. The System was founded in March 2003 under an agreement between the then Mayors of the six founding Municipalities: Cave, Gallicano nel Lazio, Genazzano, Palestrina, San Cesareo and Zagarolo. The agreement was but the final deed in a time-consuming negotiation, with the six Municipalities engaged in extensive talks in the attempt to achieve a shared view of the roles that the new organisation would have played. It was instantly clear that “partnership” was the operative word. [continued]