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Library of San Vito Romano

Library of San Vito Romano

Piazza Roma, n. 8 - 00030 San Vito Romano (RM)
Tel -
Book consultation – Inter-library loans
Reading hall – Children’s hall
Specialist theatre and cinema section

Opening hours

Monday CLOSED15:00-18:00 Tuesday 9:00-12:00 CLOSED Wednesday 9:00-12:00 15:00-18:00
Thursday 9:00-12:00 CLOSED Friday CLOSED15:00-18:00 Saturday CLOSED

The Municipal library is located in the city centre, in the Municipal Villa, surrounded by a well-equipped park with luxuriant vegetation, which is visited by both residents and visitors. It is on the first floor of a municipal building.
A large room on the ground floor is used for recreational activities, exhibitions etc.

The 100-sqmt first floor consists of one single room divided into three sections: reception and (free) loans, reading area, collections area.

In the last 3 years, the library has been run by the volunteers of the National Civil Service who are responsible for loans, digitalisation, promotional campaigns, meetings with authors and illustrators, contacts with the Province of Rome, with the schools, associations and the other libraries.

Activities carried out in the last three years:

Biblionatura - Grande gioco dell’oca
Il libro ci parla del Natale
The orange book – il Libroforum
Personaggi in maschera Cammina con noi - la maratona
Giornata mondiale del libro La valigia dei libri – il Passalibro
Festa di primavera – biblioteca in giardino
Il giro del mondo in 15 giorni Insieme in biblioteca
Tutto il mondo a San Vito Creazione video Avis - Festa dell’autunno
Il Natalibro and il libro scambiato

Current activities:

Promotion of reading, in cooperation with Istituto Comprensivo " San Vito".
Literary workshops for adults and children
Literary café
Travelling library

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