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Library of Cave

Library of Cave 

P.zza G. Garibaldi, 4- 00033 Cave (Rm)
Manager: Giulio Claudio Velluti

Opening hours

Monday CLOSED14:00-19:00 Tuesday CLOSED15:00-18:00 Wednesday 8:30-13:30 CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED15:00-18:00 Friday 9:00-13:00 CLOSED Saturday CLOSED 

The Municipal Biblioteca Cavense was opened on January 5th 1985 on the ground floor of the former Augustinian Convent in the city centre; it specialises in Music and Local History. The library occupies 5 rooms and offers vast, brightly-lit spaces.

It has over 5,000 volumes, with approximately 4,000 for adults and 1,000 for children and teenagers, audiovisuals (slide projector with screen, TV and video-recorder, Hi-Fi set, grand piano, as well as videotapes, cassettes, slides, etc). It is also equipped with a multimedia universal encyclopaedia, and an Internet point is being set up.

The Library offers a range of free extra services: book consultation and loan service, guided tours, organisation and hosting of concerts, meetings and workshops. In addition, users may use a photocopy service restricted to the library’s books, pursuant to applicable regulations.

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