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Loans are given against production of a personal membership card.

1) Loaned works

All documents may be borrowed unless a statement to the opposite is made on the catalogue or on the document itself. Books, VHSs, audio CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs may be loaned in accordance with Act no. 248/00. The following provisions apply to such loans.

Number: max 3 volumes.
Length of loan: 30 days; before the deadline it may be extended by another 15 days, provided the document has not been booked by another user. For new books and much sought-after documents, the length of the loan may be limited to 15 days, without extension.

Audio CDs, multimedia, videocassettes and DVDs:
Number: max 2 pieces.
Length: 5 days, without extension

2) Delays – Lost books – Non-returned books

 Users are personally responsible for the borrowed documents. They are responsible for checking them for damages or faults and for reporting any such damage or fault. All borrowed documents must be returned by the deadline or extension thereof. The loan ends when the document is returned in a good state of repair by the deadline. If the document is lost or damaged, users must buy a new copy or, should this be unfeasible, they must buy and give the library another document of the same value as will be suggested by the librarian. Failing this, offenders will be prosecuted as applicable. The library will send reminders of the expired loans, verbally, by telephone, by email or by post.

3) Fines for delays

Should a delay exceed 15 days after the deadline for books and 5 days after the deadline for other materials, the user will be banned from borrowing any other document for a period equal to such delay;
Should a delay exceed 120 after the deadline for books and 30 days after the deadline for other materials, or the third time the user is banned from borrowing any other document, even at different times, the user will be banned from using the service for one year, with effect from the date of the return. Such suspension or
ban applies to all the libraries of the System. In any case, the user will not be allowed to use the service again, unless all borrowed documents have been returned.

4) Reservations – Loan requests

 Books that are not available when requested may be reserved. Such reservation is valid three days from the time the document is in the library again. Users are notified of the availability of their reserved books by email or by telephone, and the three-day period will start as from the time of such notice; past such period, if the reserved document has not been picked up, such reservation will automatically be forfeited.
Online requests for books that are available at the library are valid for one day.

5) Communal loans

If a document is borrowed by a school, hospital, a foster home or the like, the document is officially loaned to the institution that appoints a
designated person to return the document. No more than 30 volumes may be borrowed.

6) Inter-System loans

 Access to the inter-library loan service is available only
to yearly membership cardholders. Such service works just like a regular library loans.