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Guided tours

Guided tours of the libraries are organised for schools of all ranks at the teacher’s request. The purpose of such tours is to explain and inform about what a library is, what its services are, how its organisation works.

Touring methods may vary, depending on the library. Such tours are free of charge and can be booked ahead.


“Promotion of reading and education to listening” workshop, with public readings.

This initiative is targeted to primary-school children of the participating municipalities of the Sistema Bibliotecario and aims to stir the children’s interest in reading, using suitable texts that develop their imagination and creativity as well as training them to listen.

The workshop involves public readings with the children’s participation, using musical instruments, fancy dress and, above all, recycled and reused materials.

The workshops are a regular yearly event; each event is set in a different context. Information about the events is provided every time.

 Exhibitions, festivals, concerts

At regular intervals, the System organises exhibitions of written and graphic works by the students of the schools involved in the public-reading workshops.

Such exhibitions are carried out in consultation with the libraries and the teaching staff of the target schools.

At the request and with the assistance of the institutions, the System organises exhibitions of pieces by local craftsmen.